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 A Forgotten Past, A Sanosuke RP
Son Gohan
 Posted: Jul 10 2017, 03:06 PM

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Chapter One: The First Circle


Lay of the Land

The Underworld was a vast realm that spanned toward infinity and beyond. It was layered as foretold in the books of the ancients. Its circles harbored various criminals and monsters, but worst of all was the great master of evil, Lucifer. The lord of chaos had never imagined that the underworld would be as expansive as it was. The Dragon’s Eye had told him that this was where his true power lied, but he imagined something that was smaller in scale. Perhaps a simple blood fountain, puffy yellow clouds floating in the sky above, a scarlet sky illuminated by some unknown celestial body and perhaps a jail of spikes. Both unfortunately and fortunately this dream was just that, a dream. Hell was a prison used by both Demon Realm and the Shinjin who ruled from on high. Sanosuke had come to learn that the hard way.

Blood dripped from an ivory blade and fell to the unfazed stone beneath boot clad feet. The ashen haired warrior looked upon the bloodied remains of a demon who sought to consume his very soul. The creature was felled in one swift swipe of his sword. The red skinned creature’s head rolled and blood painted the ground. The lord of chaos sneered at his deceased kin and moved toward another feral demon. It was a creature bound to all fours, with sharp fangs coated in a thick yellow saliva. Spikes of red extended down the ridge of the beast’s back, and the rest of its body was covered in silver bristles. The creature’s paws were lined with deadly nails that were gnarled from recent use. The beast’s eyes were a deep hate filled black.

“I would run if I were you,” Sanosuke suggested as he bent his knees and inched forward. The creature stood its ground, its snarls grew louder and its muscles visibly tensed. In unison, the two masses leapt toward another. Tooth met steel and blood spewed into the air. The creature’s body split cleanly in two halves that fell to either side of the lord of chaos as he touched down on the bloodied stone. The sweet smell of death filled Sanosuke’s nostrils and a smile crossed his lips. His silver blade dispersed in an array of light particles and his attention quickly shifted to the world around him. He had left Inoko behind in order to venture into the depths of the underworld on his own. The journey for ultimate power was one that he needed to take on his own. His very blood was telling this. Despite how he got here this is where he needed to be, the Next Dimension.

“So this is Limbo,” Sanosuke mused as he stood upon a massive rock formation that overlooked a great deal of the expansive cavern. He could see the souls of mortal men wandering the cavern below. Groans of agony escaped them as they meandered endlessly in search of some unforeseen God. It was a sickening sight to be sure. They were all faithless and weak. The mere sight of them disgusted the lord of chaos, hopefully he wouldn’t have to endure their presence for long. Locating the door to the next level of Hell would no doubt be an easy task. The Ogres had warned him to steer clear of the path he was on, but of course Sanosuke didn’t listen. That just wasn’t his strong suit.

“Let’s get started,” the demon laughed to himself before leaping from his perch and descended upon the souls of the faithless. When he touched down he was instantly greeted with the weight of his peers’ sorrow, and for a moment it was damn suffocating. He felt his windpipe close only to open as he frantically moved to grip his neck. His vision blurred and his head pounded. Cursing to himself the demon took a knee as he tried to regain control over his senses. He had been around suffering mortals before in the dark recesses of the Chaos Realm, but never had he felt their suffering so intensely. Their pain and suffering was trying to become his own, but the demon refused to let it get that far. His hands became tightly clenched fists and the whites of his eyes became a deep black. The arcane design of the Ryuugan spread over his irises, filling the dark void. A twisted black and purple aura formed around the demon’s body as he rose to his feet. The tails of his cloak flapped in the face of his expanding aura and the gaseous mist that had enshrouded him was blown away.

“You will never break me,” the demon declared to this accursed world. His determination to push forward had grown stronger in the face of such adversity. His violet gaze moved from soul to soul. They fled in the face of Sanosuke’s expanding power their desire to fill the heart of another with own powerlessness had been repelled. The pain of the faithless no longer influenced his mind. Now that his senses were free to extend into the world around him he took his first real steps into the world of Limbo. At a glance everything looked the same, but there were clusters of unique powers scattered about the expanse of caves. All of them were foreign, yet faintly familiar to the lord of chaos. Could it be they connected to the alternative realities his Ryuugan had shown him in the battle for the Dragonballs? Perhaps these strange signals connected to the very blood flowing through his veins? Whatever the case it was clear he needed to investigate them.

“That doesn’t seem far,” Sanosuke mused as he picked focused on the energy signal closest to him. He couldn’t quite tell if things such as geographic poles existed here, but his sensed would guide him as well as any compass.

Keep your eyes open. The voice of Khal Zur echoed in Sanosuke’s mind. It reminded him to take care, not too grow overconfident in this world of the unknown. I believe we are being watched. The dragon warned. Neither could confirm the merit of the dragon’s warning, but the ashen haired devil didn’t doubt it in the slightest.

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