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FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Black Widow can all occupy the same universe. As the player base increases so too will the rate of incursions, introducing new places for characters to explore!

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Stat Boost - 25 SP
Allows the user to increase a single stat by x1.25. The effect may last for up to 2 Rounds before it needs to be re-initiated. 
Limits: A max of 2 Stat Boost trademarks may be used at one time.

Double Stat Boost - 75 SP
Allows the user to increase two stats by x1.25. The effect may last for up to 2 Rounds before it needs to be re-initiated.

Limits: A max of 1 Double Boost trademarks may be used at one time.

Triple Boost - 150 SP
Allows the user to increase three stats by x1.25. The effect may last for up to 2 Rounds before it needs to be re-initiated.

Limits: A max of 1 Power Boost trademarks may be used at one time.

Status Effects

(All effects last 3 actions unless specified otherwise)

Piercing - When a piercing attack lands against you, you receive an additional 5 Fatigue drain per action. These attacks can also be used for instant kills if done correctly.

Slicing - Like piercing, slicing can instant kill as well. This effect allows you to cut into your opponent, removing limbs, seriously damaging, or killing your opponent instantly. Each additional action for a "sliced" opponent costs them 10 Dexterity.

Crush - Not an automatic killer, but quite powerful. This effect allows you to deal damage to the entire body at the same time.

Invulnerability - Allows you to be free of any damage against you for "X" many actions.

Stunning - Disables you from going on the offensive until the technique is released or broken.

Healing - Brings back some health and/or removes other status effects.

Burn - Deals 10% Damage to your Ki and your Limbs per action you use.

Freeze - Stops you in your tracks, can not move for a max of 3 actions.

Blind - Disables your vision for 3 actions.

Poison Touch
Effect: Poison = -10% Ki and Fatigue per action
Duration: 6 Actions
Description: Ability to assault others with one or more varieties of toxins, with widely disparate effects.

Power Modifier: +10% to Strength, Mobility, Ability Power, -25% Resilience
Duration: 3 Actions
Description: Increase the blood lust for battle in your opponent. Though their power and Mobility increase, their resilience takes a big hit. While beserked, the opponent may only use Physical attacks.

First Strike
Allows the technique to go completely unblocked on it's first use.
Limits: May only be used for Basic Techniques and with no other effects.
*A canon example of the above is Kiaiho.*

Use this template when creating a new technique:

Trademark Name: What's the name of your new tech?
Class: Basic/Advanced/Finisher
Damage: (See cost breakdown chart below
Dexterity Drain: Attack Power x100
Effects: Does it have any stat boost effects?
Abilities Used: What abilities did you use to create this Trademark? List all that apply.
Description: How the technique looks and works. The more description, the better.

SP Cost Breakdown:
3 SP = +.01 Attack power
Fatigue Drain = Attack Power x100
Status Effects = 35 SP

Basic: 0.01 - 0.15
Advanced: 0.16 - 0.35
Finisher: 0.35+


Trademark Name: Hakka Soudoushou
Class: Finisher
Damage: x.65
Fatigue Drain: 65
Effects: None
Abilities Used: Energy Control:
Description: Starts off in the form of a one handed Kamehameha, but is completely black. As it gets closer to the opponent, it forms itself into a Dragon and slams into the opponent with serious force, dealing 'Crushing' damage to all limbs if critical.

Powers are special abilities that you may customize your character with. Some powers are divided into levels - in this case, the 'level' of your power (be it Basic, Advanced or Master), should be displayed before the power on your roster. So 'Basic Super Jumping'. As long as you own a power, you may rationalize it in your roleplays however you want. For example, Ability Sense could be written as a technologically advanced scanner, or an innate ability to sense the powers and weaknesses of others.

Pretty much anything you purchase here will require you to create a Trademark in order to use it. There are some exceptions to the rule of course.

If an Ability has multiple levels, you must purchase every level in order. In other words, if you want Level 3 Sensing, you need to purchase both level 1 and 2 prior to purchasing 3.

Ability Replication75 SP
Example: Kakashi Hatake (naruto), Peter (Heroes)
A skill that is the trademark of characters like Kirby and Megaman, Ability Replication lets you use the powers and trademarks of any character you have seen in the past hour. If you wish to permanently copy a power you must purchase said ability yourself.

Adhesion20 SP
Example: Spiderman
allows the user’s whole body to stick to solid surfaces.

Animal Control20 SP
Example: Aquaman
Ability to communicate with animals, birds and even aquatic creatures and get them to perform tasks on command.

Astral Projection
Example: Prue Halliwell (Charmed); Emma Frost (X-men)
The ability to separate and control one's astral body. 

Basic - 35 SP
At this stage, the user is forced to enter a state of comatose while their astral body is active.

- 35 SP
In this stage, the user is able to control both their own body and their astral body with relative ease.

Body Manipulation20 SP
Example: Piccolo, Mr. Fantastic, Luffy(One Piece), Piccolo (DBZ), Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers)
With this power, a character is able to expand (and subsequently retract) their body to distances greatly impossible for a normal being. The elasticity this ability grants the muscles and bones within the user allows for inventive combat style and maneuvers.

Decompose15 SP (requires Master Bodily Survival)
Example: T-1000 (Terminator), Gaara (Naruto)
A type of self-kinesis, this allows a character to ‘melt’ themselves into smaller parts and move around in a more liquid form. This could be represented as water (if you are Suigetsu from Naruto), liquid metal (if you are T-1000 from the Terminator), sand (if you’re the Sandman) or a horde of small animals like snakes or bats (for the more Dracula-inclined; though this would require other powers like Flight, Physical Shapeshifting and Hive Mind). Of course, moving around in liquid form and putting yourself back together requires an immense amount of energy, which makes fatigue one of the biggest threats to a decomposer’s lifespan.

Density Control- 60 SP
Example: Martian Manhunter (DC Comics); Emma Frost (X-men); Colossus (X-men)
The ability to increase or decrease the natural density of an object and/or one's self.

Elemental Controls25 SP each
Example: Aang (Last Airbender), Roy Mustang (FMA)
The elements are a powerful tool, and many a character has sought to master them. Whilst each elemental control power must be bought separately (displayed as ‘Fire Control’, ‘Energy Control’, etc), they share rules and costs. Once you have bought an elemental control power, you can create unlimited Trademarks using that element. The powers which come under ‘Elemental Control’ are as such:

Energy Control
The pure, explosive form of energy. This may be spiritual energy, ki, dark energy, light energy, whatever you want – but the effects are the same.

Fire Control
Allows you to take fire-based Trademarks like wreathing your body in flame.

Water Control
Allows you to take water-based Trademarks like creating a whirlpool.

Electricity Control
Allows you to take lightning-based Trademarks, like a punch infused with electricity.

Air Control
Required for Trademarks which manipulate the air, like summoning tornados. Also governs sound-based moves.

Cold Control
Allows you to take Trademarks which utilize ice/frost, like summoning shards of ice to rain down on your foes.

Light Control
Allows you to take Trademarks which utilize Light, like creating Solar Flares and other blinding attacks.

Shadow Control
Allows you to take Trademarks which utilize shadows, like summoning shadow vines.

Magnetic Control
Allows you to take Trademarks which utilize magnetism, like manipulating metals.

Plant manipulationAbility to control, manipulate or animate plant life.

The Ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing", which allows physical interactions with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with the computer data.

Terra Manipulation
Ability to control, manipulate or animate elements of "earth", such as rock, sand, and dirt.

Empathy50 SP
Example: Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed), Khalan Amnell (Legend of the Seeker)
Allows the user to feel the emotions of those around, making it simple to pick out truth and lies. Though not always perfect, the higher the difference of acuity and will power, the more likely it is to be successful.

Energy Interation25 SP
Example: Black Panther
Ability to draw power from large or small but abundant sources of energy, such as turning kinetic energy into physical blasts or converting solar energy into other forms. Sometimes based on proximity to source, sometimes stored for future use.

Energy Transfer10 SP
Example: Guru (DBZ)
Though some would consider this a useless power, others would consider it a must-have skill, especially when working in a team. With it, a user can give up their own energy in order to give an ally a boost. Though it does nothing for wounds, it could allow a drained healer to save one more life, or give an exhausted ally just a bit more time to stall in a heated battle. If a character is weaker than you, revitalizing them will take proportionately less energy, and vice-versa for stronger characters. This power is required for other Trademarks which involve a transfer of energy between you and an ally.

Enhanced Senses
Examples: Wolverine, Hawkman, Superman
The ability to sense the shape and proximity of people and objects around you, unaffected by direction or physical obstacles. This reveals things which might be invisible to the human eye, such as cloaked beings or enemies waiting in ambush behind the next wall. At point-blank range, you will be able to sense things with perfect clarity, whereas at your maximum range, you will only able to perceive things a tiny little bit.

Basic – 15 SP
Lets you ‘see’ things in your immediate vicinity, to a maximum range of 100 meters.

Advanced – 30 SP
Lets you ‘see’ up to 500 meters away.

Master – 50 SP
Lets you ‘see’ up to 1000 meters away.

Flight50 SP
Example: Goku, Superman, Angel
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s you! Like running, the speed of Flight is based on your Mobility stat. Flying is twice as fatiguing as running, however, and even while immobile in the air you have to exert some energy just to stay afloat.

Focused Energy75 SP
*Increases Ability Power by 10%*
Example: Goku (DBZ), Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Megaman (Megaman), Naruto (Naruto)
The ability to tap into the full potential of one's ability power/energy.

Healing25 SP
Example: Dende (DBZ), Leo Whyatt (Charmed)
This power allows you to create Trademarks which can heal yourself and others. To restore lost body parts, you will require Advanced Regeneration in addition. Small wounds such as cuts will require less energy than say, an otherwise fatal stab wound.

Hive Mind10 SP
Example: Greed (FMA), Anyone Immortal
A useful power for those who use Bodily Survival or especially Decompose, this lets a character control all parts of their body regardless of whether or not they’re still attached to their brain. Just got your arm cut off? You can make it choke your opponent whilst you close in for the kill. Take note that detached body parts will eventually die if separated from the main body for to long.

Illusions100 SP
Example: Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions. The difference of mentals dictates the success and/or failure of the ability.

Invisibility25 SP
Example: Invisible Woman, Gideon (Charmed)
Renders you invisible to the naked eye, though extra-sensory skills will be able to pick you up. Taking damage will disable this invisibility.

Invulnerability - 50 SP Each (A max of 2 active at any time)
Example: Superman, The Hulk
This allows the user to become unharmed or receive less damage from certain damages. Reduces attack damage by 1 tier, it can not drop below Basic. You may only have 1 Invulnerability per 10 Character Levels.

Physical Damage
Reduces the damage done by physical means. 

Elemental Damage
Reduces the damage done by Elementals.
*Must choose a single element per invulnerability*

Magic/PsychicReduces the damage done by Magic/Psychic Attacks.
*Must choose a specific type of Magic/Psychic Attack per invulnerability*

Reduces the damage done by weapons.

Mind Control150 SP
Example: Matt Parkman (Heroes)
The ability to alter the perceptions of others, and general ability to control the actions of others with the mind. Based on the difference of mentals for the success and/or failure. The greater the difference, the greater the influence.

Molecular Integration50 SP
Example: Wrath(FMA), Majin Buu, Alex (Prototype)
An extremely versatile and useful power that lets you absorb inanimate objects into your body, taking their properties. For example, you could absorb a boulder and use it to harden your skin into rock, or integrate a sword into your arm. While this does not upgrade your power at all, it can be combined with trademarks to give extra damage to certain types of attacks.

Phasing25 SP
Example: Shadowcat (Xmen)
With this power a character may render their body incorporeal, allowing them to pass through objects and avoid physical attacks entirely, but leaving the user unable to attack whilst active. Be warned that while phasing, you are twice as vulnerable to energy or elemental-based attacks. In addition, staying in a phased state fatigues the user and will eventually cause them to pass out if maintained for a very long time.

Pheromone Manipulation35 SP
Example: Shadowcat (Xmen)
The ability to psychically manipulate one's own pheromones as well as the pheromones of others for one's own purposes. The user can exude pheromones from the skin or mouth. With this ability, one could release pheromones that do everything from inducing attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding amounts of pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions and draw crowds.

Example: Forge (Xmen), Trunks and Goten (DBZ)
An extremely rare but equally powerful ability, Polymerization lets two characters combine their bodies into one. The new individual has all the stats, powers and trademarks of the forms that the two characters had when they fused. The two beings will separate once their polymerized form reaches critical health or fatigue, or when they decide to separate.

Basic – 20 SP
Basic Polymerization requires that both users have the ability in order to combine.

Advanced – 50 SP
Advanced Polymerization allows you to fuse with any character who is willing to merge with you, regardless of whether or not they have the ability.

Power Negation75 SP
Example: Leach (X-men/Marvel Comics)
The user can cancel out the powers of others. Others are unable to use their powers as long as they are under the user's affect. While in use, they can not use any other abilities as well.

Psychometry45 SP
Example: Pheobe Holliwell (Charmed)
The ability to see details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it.

Precognition45 SP
Example: Spiderman
An extrasensory perceptive ability that allows one to sense oncoming danger before it happens. Also referred to as Foresight or ‘Spidey-Sense’, this is quite a useful technique to have, for it may very easily save your life.

Example: Wolverine, Deadpool, Piccolo
One of the most useful techniques, Regeneration allows a character to consciously expend stamina in order to heal their wounds. This can be done in a quick span of time (will be more taxing upon the character) or as a lengthy, drawn-out process (will be less strenuous upon the character, and allow them to move in the meantime). Depending on the level, this may only extend to small cuts and gashes, or it may include life-threatening injuries.

Basic Regeneration – 15 SP
Like a normal human’s repair system on crack. Basic Regeneration does not let you regrow limbs, but it does let you heal normal injuries at an incredible rate. This includes cuts, bruises, bullet wounds and broken bones. In some cases, stopping the blood loss can save your character’s life.

Advanced Regeneration – 30 SP
Also known as ‘limb repair’, intermediate Regeneration allows you to regrow lost arms, legs, or a tail if your character has one. Keep in mind that damage to vital organs, such as the brain or heart, will still be fatal.

Master Regeneration – 60 SP (requires Master Bodily Survival)
The ultimate in survival abilities, this allows to user to regenerate any part of their body, including head and torso, as long as a piece of themselves remains and they have enough energy remaining. For a master of Regeneration, the only way to true death is for your body to be destroyed entirely, or if you run out of fatigue or ki.

Example: Piccolo, Mr. Fantastic, Luffy(One Piece), Piccolo (DBZ), Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers)
Replication entails the profane art of replicating one's consciousness and effectively spreading it into separate entities. However, the drawback is that they each have a fraction of your base/max power level. For example, with 4 clones, each has ¼ your base energy, etc, etc.

Basic – 20 SP
User can create up to 3 body replications.
Requirements: N/A

Intermediate – 20 SP
User can create up to 20 body replications
Requirements: Basic Body Replication

Advanced – 20 SP
User can create up to 100 body replications.
Requirements: Intermediate Body Replication

Mastered – 20 SP
User can create an unlimited amount of body replications, however each clone is a maximum and minimum of 10% of the users power level.
Requirements: Advanced Body Replication

Shapeshifting45 SP
Example: Mystique (Xmen), Paige Mathews (Charmed)
This allows you to take the appearance of any other humanoid you have seen or can think of. Your physical abilities will not be changed, and moderate pain will cause the illusion to break.

Sixth Sense
Example: Goku (DBZ), Sylar (Heroes)
Power Sense lets you detect the raw power or abilities of individuals in relation to your own. Its usable distance is dependent on your level with the ability.

Basic – 10 SP
Lets you detect powers in your immediate vicinity.

Advanced – 20 SP
Lets you detect powers on your planet.

Master – 30 SP
Lets you detect powers across the universe.

Summoning50 SP
Example: Yugi (Yugioh), Naruto Uzamaki
Summoning is the arcane art of calling another entity to do your bidding. The strength of a summoner’s "summoned" is a percentage value (donated by the summoner) that increases as the summoners talents increase. When summoning multiple beings each share an equal portion of the aforementioned percentage. As a summoner grows more talented, his or her summonses do so in tandem. "Summons" are treated as Signature Move of their respective summoner. The summoned must receive their power straight from their summoner, they do not have their own source of energy. The summoner must be willing to make this sacrifice.

Allows a summoner to bring forth an inanimate object from elsewhere.  Often used in battle situations to bring battle accessories to hand at no additional cost or switch accessories and/or gear.
Requirements: None

At this stage a summoner can summon something and bestow into it 75% of his or her power. Multiple summonses share an equal percentage of this value (two summons on the field at one time would each have around 37.5% of their summoners max potential).
Requirements: None

At this stage a summoner can summon something and bestow into it 100% of his or her power. Multiple summonses share an equal percentage of this value.
Requirements: Basic Summoning, Acuity of 500

At this stage a summoner can summon something and bestow into it 125% of his or her power. Multiple summonses share an equal percentage of this value.
Requirements: Intermediate Summoning, Acuity of 2,500

At this stage a summoner can summon something and bestow into it 200% of his or her power. Multiple summonses share an equal percentage of this value.
Requirements: Advanced Summoning, Acuity of 7,500

Example: Necromancer
Ability to bring objects to life or free an individual from petrification.
Requirements: Mastered Summoning, Acuity of 10,000

Super Acrobat30 SP
Examples: Luffy, Spiderman
*Grants +10% Mobility In Battle*
A fine compliment to Super Jumping, this allows the user to perform feats of dizzying acrobatic skill, like running along walls, jumping off vertical surfaces and doing chain-backflips.

Superhuman Intelligence75 SP
Example: Braniac
*Grant +10% Acuity In Battle*
Superhuman intelligence allows the user to reach deeper into the abyss of knowledge than most. With this ability, they can tap into the hidden potential of their brain, unlocking vast amounts of knowledge that would otherwise be impossible to find.

Super Jumping
Example: Naruto Uzamaki, Clark Kent, Deadpool
Super Jumping allows characters to transcend their natural leaping limitations.

Basic – 10 SP
Allows you to jump about 10 stories High.

– 15 SP
Allows you to jump up to 150 stories high.

Master – 30 SP
Allows you to jump up to 300 Stories high .

Super Resilience
Example: Superman, Doomsday, Juggernaut
Super Resilience allows you to take punishing damage that would otherwise render your body harmed.

Basic – 75 SP
*Grants +10% Resilience In Battle*
With this level of the power, a user is unaffected by basic cuts and bruises – they may not even bleed from them. However, lost limbs will still bleed and other more mortal wounds (such as decapitation or being sliced in half) will still be fatal.

Advanced – 50 SP
*Grants +15% Resilience In Battle* (Does not stack replaces previous version)
At this level, a user may lose limbs and be in no danger of death from their injuries. The limbs themselves will continue to live whilst separate from the body, and may be reattached either after battle (with surgery), or during battle with basic regeneration/healing. Large exposed flesh wounds are also tolerable at this level, but damage to vital organs (heart, head) remain fatal.

Master Bodily Survival – 25 SP (requires Basic Regeneration or higher)
The closest thing to true immortality, Master Bodily Survival allows a user to take mortal wounds, including decapitation, and be in no danger of death from their injuries (at least not directly – being in two pieces during a fight leaves you a little vulnerable, after all). Lost appendages may be reattached (with Basic Regeneration), or regrown (using Advanced/Master Regeneration if the user has it).

Super Speed75 SP
Example: The Flash, Quicksilver
*Grants +10% Mobility In Battle*
Super speed allows you to perform normal actions at a higher rate of speed than most normal beings. This technique can be combined with other techniques, such as flight, super jumping, and Super Acrobatics. However, because of the enhanced speed, you will be unable to maneuver yourself as well as someone not using Super Speed. Turning, stopping, and cornering will become increasingly difficult the faster you go.

Super Strength75 SP
Example: Superman, The Hulk
*Grants +10% Strength In Battle*
Super Strength allows you to perform basic punches, kicks, grapples, throws and other moves that any character can perform, but with superhuman strength (the degree of strength is, like all other offensive abilities, dependent upon your ATK stat). Any 'special' moves like a charged-up tackle or imbuing your fists with energy fall under Trademarks, and do not require Super Strength. Other melee Trademarks like swords are also unaffected by whether or not a user has this power.

Superhuman Will75 SP
Example: Naruto Uzamaki, Vegeta
*Grants +10% Will Power In Battle*
Superhuman Will is the ability to continue to fight, push on, and go against all odds, even when the fight is lost. This ability allows you to push your body forward, even if it screams no.

Survival50 SP
Example: Frieza
The Ability to breathe, or lack of need to breathe, in any space whether atmosphere or oxygen exist or not.

Example: Chris (Push), Jean Grey (Xmen)
Telekinesis is the ability to remotely move objects with the power of your thought. It effectively gives you a pair of invisible hands that can reach as far as your mind allows. Inanimate objects are fairly easy to move, whereas those which exhibit their own energy current – such as humans – can more easily resist its effects. In addition, the further away the object is, the weaker your power will be (dependent on the level). At point blank range telekinesis has 100% power, at half of your maximum range it has roughly 50% power, and at your absolute maximum range it has 1% power.

Basic – 20 SP
Maximum range of 50 Feet

Advanced – 35 SP
Maximum range of 100 yards

Master – 50 SP
Up to visual Range.

Telepathy20 SP
Example: Professor X (Xmen), Babadi (DBZ)
Allows you to communicate with others mentally.

Example: Nightcrawler (Xmen), Goku (DBZ), Cole Turner (Charmed)
A wondrous skill that many would die for, teleportation allows you to disappear from one place and reappear in another. For some it operates merely as an escape tool, and for others it serves as a means of transportation far quicker and easier than conventional methods. Teleporting a long distance requires a much longer preparation time.

Basic – 30 SP
Allows you to move to an empty space within 15 meters. This ability can take you out of the way of an otherwise fatal attack, or rescue someone who is just out of reach.

Advanced – 50 SP
Allows you to teleport anywhere on your current planet, though this will require a minute of uninterrupted concentration.

Master Teleportation – 100 SP
A power that most mortals could only dream of, this allows you to teleport between dimensions and across the universe. Teleporting this distance requires several minutes of uninterrupted concentration.

Time Slow40 SP
Example: Neo (Matrix), Piper Halliwell (Charmed), Guldo (DBZ)
Also known as ‘Bullet Time’, this power lets you slow your perception of the world around you, giving you more time to think. All things, including the caster, are slowed down. Whilst impractical to use all of the time due to its heavy fatigue drain, it can come in extremely handy when the stakes are high and you need more time to react or make a decision.

Toxicity10 SP
Example: Poison Ivy (DC Comics)
This allows the user to take poison-based Trademarks that can sap a victim’s vitality.

Weather Control
Example: Storm

Basic – 50 SP
Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather. The basic restricts this control to a small area generally the size of a small town.

Intermediate – 75 SP
The ability is expanded to cover the space of a large city such as New York

Advanced – 100 SP
The ability is expanded to cover a continent

Advanced – 200 SP
The ability is expanded to cover an entire planet.