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FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Black Widow can all occupy the same universe. As the player base increases so too will the rate of incursions, introducing new places for characters to explore!

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Kirishima Yumeji: - 23,280
Mifune Koetsu:
Himiko Toga:
David Darkstar:
Haruko Haruhara: 10,250
Son Gohan:
Jason Todd:
Josiah Sinister:

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What it is:

The Dojo's on FateX are a means to balance.  The Omi-King has decided to step away from the fight between light and dark and in his place has created a series of trials for the mightest to conquer.  Should anyone be able to collect the current 5 Dojo Badges, they will not only be granted grand rewards, but also access into one of two final trials:



The path that you choose is based upon your morality. With that being said, there are some guidelines to follow when partaking in the trials.



When undergoing the dojo training, there are quests and other requirements to earn badges, each listed and explained in the Dojo's below.  In order to be granted access to each, you merely need to complete the quests and get permitted access via Staff Grading. Each Dojo has 3 masters, ranked from Basic, Advanced, and Legend.  In order to "Master" each Dojo, you must receive that Gym's badge.  If you leave a Dojo before successful completion, you may return to finish the Dojo unless you partake in another Dojo, which would require you to start all over sans the bonus gains.


Weekly and Enhancement Gains


You'll notice that abilities are listed on specific masters.  If your master has an ability, while master training, with them only, you may reduce the SP cost by 25% to gain that ability.  While Master training you may also purchase Dojo Specific techs, which will be listed at the top of each Dojo.


This means anyone Neutral alignment may choose between either option.  If you successfully earn one of the above titles and you switch alignments, except Neutral, you will lose your title and be forced to restart all Dojo training before being able to claim a title. (once again, sans bonus rewards)



Earth Dojo   Frost Dojo
Namek Dojo   Ragnarok Dojo
Titan Dojo