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Types of Battles:
Here on Chaotic Rebirth, we have a few different variations of the battle system to suit everyone's needs (hopefully). Remember, you must have an Potential of 5,000 or higher to enter into a battle unless a rare or legendary item is on the line. You may also only battle twice a week unless you are ambushed. Also remember that if you partake in a second battle in the same week, you start with the remaining stats from your previous battle.

Also please note that battles can’t just happen on a whim (save for free battles), generally speaking a battle is to the death not just cause. So please remember if you cannot present a real reason for the battle it won’t be allowed to begin! The following section will explain:

Free Battles
Means you can battle someone but you don't have to have an actual IC purpose. This was meant to ensure people don't fall out of touch with Stat battles and so that newbies can friendly battle someone and learn the system. Keep in mind that the winner of this battle may still kill/absorb, steal or spare their opponent. Also note that you may only have ONE friendly battle every TWO months, also note that if player A has used their Free battle for the month but player B has not there can be no battle, both players must have their Free battle open to fight.

Ambushes are a foundation point in this Universe. To initiate an ambush on an opponent, you need to meet certain requirements. You must either have an item, or technique, that prevents you from being detected, be in the same location as the individual, and have a valid reason in character to attack them. Also, if that individual whom you've targeted has an ability to detect you, or is meditating, you will not be successful. This judgment can be determined by the Battle Administrator.

Newbie Clause
Any person new to the site and hasn't been a part of the site longer than a month is subject to this. In the infancy state, they are immune to sneak attacks. In other words, strong players can't come and kill you for the heck of it all. However, if the “newbie” gains a rare item the clause is void and they become free game.

Sneak Attacks in General
Most sneak attacks should only be allowed if A) The opponent is stronger or B ) If the opponent is at least 75% of your own power, and a minimum of 5,000 Power Level. This will once again save weaker players from stronger players unless they choose to do a normal battle with them. The only way this can be broken is if the player is carrying a rare item. If they have a rare item then it's their own burden and choice to become a target.

Rare Item's and Sneak Attacks
If you are sneak attacking someone for a rare item, there is a rule to protect them. If a player gains a rare item, they are subject to two weeks of protection from the item being allowed to be stolen. Meta-gamers or people who use OOC for IC tend to see someone with a rare item and no one actually knows the person does IC, but they sneak attack them anyway. Any Meta's will be prevented, at least temporarily from attacking a player as such. If you kill the person carrying the rare item, the item is returned to the RPG. Stealing is the only way to get the item.


Battle Matches
We understand that there is sometimes no logical means for a one vs one battle to take place if there are others in the general area. Because of this, we have devised various match types that will enable you to keep the realism and fun of battling alive.

One vs. One
This is the typical battle format. A single player will fight against a single opponent until one gives up, dies, or is simply defeated. During the match, each individual will be given offensive and defensive actions (amount determined by speed). During those actions, you can use energy attacks, normal physicals, and even come up with an advanced combination on your own.

One vs. Two - Handicapped Match
If a person chooses to have a tag partner in battle while the other fights alone, certain rules apply. Mainly that if the team ends up being the loser, any rewards gained are halved. Additionally, if they win, the battle rewards will be split between the two and only one may steal or kill. This comes in handy, not to mention is completely logical, when you are roleplaying alongside someone and a fight ensues. No one expects you to sit back and watch your partner die in combat ten feet away from you. This was made with scenarios like that in mind.

Two vs. Two (or more) - Team Matches
Unless stated by an ability or otherwise, you may only have up to two allies per battle. It goes by Standard Battle rules or Advanced by the persons choosing. No real difference here. Again, if you and your enemy have a partner nearby, it would only be logical that they would partake in your fight. Each team would take turns on the offensive and defensive and gains would be equal between respective partners.

Battle Royale
This is the only type of battle that will allow more than three opponents on each side. Essentially you could assume this as your typical alliance battle. A Battle Royale will ALWAYS be considered an advanced battle. In a battle of this scale, when a team mate is knocked out, the choice killing may be made on spot if they wish to prevent the person from being revived in battle. Additionally, if the team loses, a single person can only be stolen from twice, not by the entire team. Generally this could potentially be a 5v5 or 7v7 match.

An intervention is the best way to turn the tables in order to favor one side. A perfectly timed appearance from your character can prevent a substantial amount of damage being dealt by the opposing team if you are in time. You can do this in either the offense or defensive stage of either side. When you make your post to break into the battle, any counters, attacks, dodges, or the like will be used against your total amount. The only requirement is that if you post to offense, you do so BEFORE the defensive phase and if you come in during the defense, you do so BEFORE your partner posts his own.

Normal Battles
Normal Battles are matches that require the usage of stats, techniques, items, and actions. Each round consists of 2 judgments, 2 offensive stages, and 2 defensive stages (unless there are multiple combatants). Each person has only 48 hours to deliver their actions or they are Disqualified (DQ’ed).

Role-Play Battles
Role-play battles are matches solely between two fighters that want to base their outcome not on stats, but Roleplaying ability alone. RP Battles basically work differently than normal battles in that the judge does not come in until after each combatant posts three times. Each post must consist of a minimum of 500 words and must be as realistic as possible. Remember, you could RP yourself getting bashed around in the role-plays and still win; RP Battles are based on realism, fundamentals, entertainment and effort. RP Battles also have 5 rounds, each consisting of 5 turns each. The person that wins 3 of the 5 rounds, wins. If the judge sees a definite winner before round 5 or even during round 3, he/she could stop the battle and declare the winner.

Player Run Battles
A player run battle is exactly as it sounds, the players run it themselves.  What this means is that you post your own offensive and defensive actions, your opponents do the same, followed by you once again.  Staff judgement will only be presented upon request by a member of the battle.  Whatever happens within the battle is considered a success, but keep in mind that if a judge is called upon, Realism, entertainment, and quality will be taken into consideration to finalize whatever occurs.  It is up to each participant to keep track of their expended energy, dexterity, and health.  It is run exactly like any other battle, sans the Judgement post, so make sure to post your stats at the end of each post!


Turns & Actions
The max amount of actions per turn is currently set at 5. This means that you can use any combination of five maneuvers, techniques, combinations, or even pauses in battle that you want. Every single time you use an action, whether it be to counter, attack, fly, or the like, you use up Dexterity (1 per action). Turns are your entire offensive and defensive phases combined. The break down for action costs will come later in this tutorial.

There are items, techniques, and the like to increase the overall amount of actions you have per turn, but your mobility is the driving force behind an increase in actions.

0 - 9,999 Mobility- 3 Actions
10,000 - 25,000 Mobility – 4 Actions
25,001 - 50,000 Mobility- 5 Actions

Note: 5 Actions is the maximum number in any given scenario.


Technique Information

Transformations & Power ups
All Transformations and/or power ups require you to use 1 full action to complete the change before the effects take place.

Energy Techniques
Because there is a wide range of Energy based techniques, there needs to be limitations for each level of attack. Basics require 1 full action to use. Advanced requires 2 action (one charge, one to fire), Finishers require 3 actions (two charge, one to fire). These also remove points from your Energy in battles, but will be returned to you as soon as the battle ends. Energy drain is calculated as Max Energy x Attack Power/2 = Energy Drain.

Supplementary Trademarks
Supplementary Trademarks are basically how they sound, they allow you to manipulate the elements of the battle by either lowering action costs, Energy costs, increasing strength, or even trapping your foe.

Blocking is the most basic form of defense from an opponent. Though their attack may still strike you, the damage taken is often times much less than if you were to have taken the full brunt of the attack.

As far as deflecting goes, you may deflect as many times as you please in battle. The difference is that at first you will take minimal arm damage from deflecting an attack. The more you deflect, the more your limbs will start being hurt until you lose health in all your limbs and can no longer deflect.

Sometimes it is completely reasonable to simply cancel an Opponent’s attack instead of dodging or block it. A cancel would be something like, catching an opponent's punch if your leagues stronger than them. Or even shooting a blast at one of your opponents blasts to 'cancel it out'. This is a lot harder to do and must be role-played quite well to be effective.

Dodging and Countering
Counters and dodges are a simple but effective way to quickly turn a fight in your favor. Counters are a good way to attack during your defensive phase. The success of the counter depends on the quality of your role play, as well as the realism of whatever it is that you're trying to do. Ultimately the Battle Judge has the final say in its success. Counters may only be Physical Attacks, Basic, or Control techniques. Dodges can also be accepted through good enough role-plays. If the Battle judge deems the role-play during the counter or dodge not good enough, you lose the dodge and/or counter and fail in your attempt, so if you're going to use them, do so wisely.

Counter Fest. Basically, you lock up with your opponent and then you both enter into an offensive stage. The person with the best role-play for each individual action wins that action as a success, regardless if you’re on offense or defense at the time. You do not use up your normal counter attacks during a grapple. When this happens, action costs for physical attacks are ALL dropped to .25 of an action.

Combinations are one of your most effective methods of accumulating a high amount of damage to your opponent. Combination success requires a high level of RP skill to both perform and defend from. By linking two or more actions, your character may perform a highly effective rush.

Each time your character is given a chance to rest, they will regain 5 Dexterity points. You can only do this a max of 15 times per battle.

Speed Teleport

Dexterity Drain: 20
Description: Moving so fast, you seem to 'skip' through time and space itself, enabling you to dodge attacks or make attacks. Using this technique will double the user's Mobility for one action. However, every player can only use this technique twice so it is well advised that you use them wisely. This technique is ideal for making insanely quick attacks on an opponent. This move can only be used with Physical attack and Basic trademarks. When using this technique a person cannot be awarded an instant kill even if they're given a critical hit.


Pre-Battle Actions
These only apply to stat battles. You have three battle actions that you can make during your first post in a stat battle whether you are on offense or defense. With these actions you may equip or unequip items on your person and in your inventory. You may also unsheathe your weapon(s) and even transform! Remember you only have three actions so use these pre-battle actions wisely in order to properly prepare yourself for the fight to come!

Determining Damage and Action Costs
Although there is a set amount of damage that each technique/action carries out, there are also other variables that will work either for you or against you. It is in your best interest to know all of these in order to ensure that you get the most, or avoid the most, damage possible.
Note: When countering, dodging, deflecting and cancelling an opponent's rush it falls under the same guidelines/rules as physical movements such as dodging, countering, dodging ect.

*Note: Environmental damage can include anything from getting hit with a tree,

having rocks thrown at you, or getting beaten with any foreign object.

Advanced Multipliers

Direct Damage
Damage that is connected when you break through a block. IE: If I use Zanzoken and the opponent tries to block it.
Deals 100% of damage.

Indirect Damage
Damage that is either blocked, semi-dodged, or otherwise disables the means of the full force of your attack. IE: I punch, you block it with your arm.
Deals 75% of damage.

Critical Damage
Damage that is landed without any block, or if a block fails, or otherwise. IE: If I use Zanzoken and you try to dodge, since Zanzoken is direct damage, you can't dodge it, I get Critical Damage. Also, if you attempt to use a technique to stop my attack, but it turns out to be an illegal/invalid action, I would get critical damage.
*Please Note: Defensive Actions do not grant critical damage or critical effects and on offense, only 50% of the total actions may do critical damage, unless the opponent simply does not block at all.* Deals 150% of damage

Instant Kill
When an attack is successful and there is no counter or means to avoid, there is a chance that you can achieve an instant kill. Only certain techniques, can do instant kills. Those will be penetrating, slicing, or just well-aimed attacks. This is very difficult to achieve and the attack must be role played to perfection to obtain it. This cannot be done upon first offensive or defensive phase.
Deals instant kill

When you are fighting someone, friend, foe, or otherwise, and you use a technique that is well more than their remaining resilience (x3 their resilience) in that one attack, they are instantly dead.. Overkills disable you from choosing their fate, as you have literally just destroyed their body. If you overkill your opponent, they die; it's that simple.
Deals Instant Death (removes option to spare or steal)

Dexterity Drain
Everything in life uses some sort of energy. Whether it be flying high in the sky, or shooting massive energy waves, almost everything will slowly drain your Dexterity. See the technique breakdown for details on how much drain something has.

Running out of Dexterity
Based on the same principal as running out of energy, if you can't continue, you will be knocked out

Running out of Resilience
Each player has a Resilience value in their stats. Certain moves require a Resilience sacrifice in order to use. If your meter reaches zero, your character will die.

Choosing Fates
When you have defeated an opponent in battle, you will be allowed to then choose their fate. Kill, Steal (only one item), or spare. Please note some races have the ability to absorb their victims, this counts as a kill.



+35 Strength
+35 Mobility
+35 Resilience
+35 Ability Power
+500 Credits
The above is rewarded per round.
+25 Acuity
+25 Will Power
+500 Battle Awareness
+50 Character EXP


+15 Strength
+15 Mobility
+15 Resilience
+15 Ability Power
+250 Credits
The above is rewarded per round.
+5 Acuity
+5 Will Power
+200 Battle Awareness
+25 Character EXP




Basic of Spars:

Spar Info

Unlike a normal battle, spars do not require a referee. In addition, spars do not keep track of damage. These small training sessions are done until a winner can be determined between the individuals involved. They do not count against your Resilience statistic for the week either.

*Forum Spars offer +5 SP per 800 words*
*For every 1,600 words, you gain +100 Battle Awareness*

(These are per 800 words as well as the SP)

+10 Strength
+10 Mobility
+10 Resilience
+10 Ability Power
+100 Credits
+10 Character EXP

+5 Strength
+5 Mobility
+5 Resilience
+5 Ability Power
+50 Credits
+5 Character EXP

+7 Strength
+7 Mobility
+7 Resilience
+7 Ability Power
+25 Credits
+7 Character EXP