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FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Black Widow can all occupy the same universe. As the player base increases so too will the rate of incursions, introducing new places for characters to explore!

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Broly: ? ? ?

Kirishima Yumeji: - 23,280
Mifune Koetsu:
Himiko Toga:
David Darkstar:
Haruko Haruhara: 10,250
Son Gohan:
Jason Todd:
Josiah Sinister:

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Since Chaotic Rebirth is a limited Multiverse with practically infinite possibilities we’ve reshaped the definitions of energy/ki to encompass the most common energy signatures found in fiction While these are the standard stats please keep in mind the terms of Demon Energy, Spirit Energy, and Ki are still applicable to this forum. However, each form of energy is measured equally, all being counted to determine one’s Potential.

Potential: Your energy multiplied by 2 

Energy: The sum of your mental and physical stats

Strength: Your physical strength. Adds to your punches and kicks.
Mobility: Overall speed, quickness and agility.
Resilience: How much Damage you can take.
Ability Power: How strong your Trademark and Ability based attacks are.

Acuity: How Smart you are. Used for certain abilities. (Every 500 gives you 1 new Trademark Slots and an additional +25 Credits Per week)
Will Power: How determined you are. Required for potentials and mental struggles. This also raises the amount of SP you get each week. +1 SP per 500 points [Capped at +5 SP per week]

Battle Awareness: Your ability to read battle situations. (increases dexterity by 5 points every 500)


Character levels allow you to progress your character further than simply power leveling your stats. By increasing your level, you display your character's overall experience not only in combat, but in all respects. In order to level up, you merely need to earn XP for your character; this can be done in the following ways:

Character Levels are also tied into many of our other RPG Systems, such as Gravity Training, Item purchases and Trademark acquisition. By increasing your character level you sub-sequentially increase the effectiveness of all areas of your characters ability to function within the Chaotic Rebirth Universe. Whenever you level up you're entitled to the following gains in addition to the bonus’ listed in the chart below.

Level EXP Bonus
1-4 100 +5 All
5-9 200 +10 All
10-25 300 +15 All
26-29 400 +20 All
30-40 500 +25 All
40-50 600 +30 All
50-60 700 +35 All
60-70 800 +40 All
70-80 900 +45 All
80-90 1,000 +50 All
90-100 1,500 +55 All