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FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Black Widow can all occupy the same universe. As the player base increases so too will the rate of incursions, introducing new places for characters to explore!

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Ever get that feeling that you want to RP as more than one character, but you know you don't have the time to fully commit to a second character? Has that feeling ever hit you so hard that you force yourself to switch characters completely and just abandon the old character? Good news for you my friend, that's where Comrades come into play!

Here on Chaotic Rebirth we're going to allow you to have a secondary character (or character(s) if you reach the correct Achievement), without the need to switch. They will be allowed to help you quest, personal saga, and even assist you in battle (with restrictions). To go about doing so, just follow these simple steps. These secondary characters also won't impact your selection of a second and third character later on should you take one up!

Step 1: Know the Rules
Rules are a requirement in every facet of our lives and likewise, for the creation and usage of your comrade. There are a few rules to know before you take the time to create one, if you do not follow these specific guidelines, your ability to harness the great option of comrades will be reduced or removed completely, so please heed these rules!

Step 2 - Meet the Requirements
I know...I know, requirements suck, but it is part of life so we’re gonna have to deal with it. The requirements to get a comrade is very simple, somewhat time consuming, but worth it if you put the effort into it.

Step 3 - Creation
To create an official comrade, you must post the profile within your profile. This comrade profile must be kept up with. There are no specific guidelines for what is needed, other than the comrades current location when you are traveling. If the comrade does not travel with you, it must be denoted in your primary profile (which can be completed by posting a note when you purchase a travel log from the capsule corp). Once you have posted the profile, you must meet the character in character via a personal saga, official saga, or a quest. Once that is complete, merely post the link to the profile and to the IC meet up in your weekly training and you will be officially granted the comrade (so long as all minimum requirements are met).