Welcome to FateX!

FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Black Widow can all occupy the same universe. As the player base increases so too will the rate of incursions, introducing new places for characters to explore!

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Kirishima Yumeji: - 23,280
Mifune Koetsu:
Himiko Toga:
David Darkstar:
Haruko Haruhara: 10,250
Son Gohan:
Jason Todd:
Josiah Sinister:

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Rules for Travel

  • It takes 3 OOC days to travel through a single grid.
  • You may only travel North, East, South, or West, not Diagonally.
  • You must have a Space Ship, or pod, to travel.
  • You may still RP while Traveling.
  • You must state what Grids you travel through when departing.
  • Please use the Travel Logs.